Writing a Custom Action in ExAdmin

While working on a project utilizing Phoenix and ExAdmin, I found myself needing to customize how ExAdmin created a resource. ExAdmin makes this mostly simple, but that isn't super clear from the documentation.

In my case, I'm building a simple CMS and whenever an admin adds a new post in ExAdmin, a slug, the URL for the post, needs to be generated. All you need to know is that there are 2 models: Posts and Slugs.

I'm only going to override the create action of the posts resource, as I don't need to update the slug when I update a post.

To start out, let's create the controller:

# web/controllers/admin/post_controller.ex
defmodule MyCMS.Admin.PostController do  
  @moduledoc """
  Overrides for Posts in ExAdmin.AdminResourceController
  @resource "posts"

  use ExAdmin.Web, :resource_controller
  alias MyCMS.{Repo, SlugGenerator}

  def create(conn, defn, params) do

With the outline of the controller in place, add a new scope in the controller with the route to setup:

scope "/admin", MyCMS.Admin do  
  pipe_through [:browser, :protected]
  post "/posts", PostController, :create

This scope should be before your ExAdmin scope.

Now that the foundation is in place, we just need to write the internals of MyCMS.Admin.PostController.create/3:

In my case, I just copied what was in ExAdmin.AdminResourceController.create/3:

def create(conn, defn, params) do  
  # Get the model to work with
  model = defn.__struct__
  resource = conn.assigns.resource

  # Build the changeset for the post
  changeset = apply(defn.resource_model, defn.create_changeset, [resource, params[defn.resource_name]])

  case create(changeset) do
    {:error, changeset} ->
      conn |> handle_changeset_error(defn, changeset, params)
    {:ok, resource} ->
      {conn, _, resource} = handle_after_filter(conn, :create, defn, params, resource)
      put_flash(conn, :notice, (gettext "%{model_name} was successfully created.", model_name: (model |> base_name |> titleize) ))
      |> redirect(to: admin_resource_path(resource, :show))

defp create(changeset) do  
  # Create the post and generate the slug, then return {:ok, post} or {:error, changeset}

So all that I've changed from ExAdmin's implementation is to pass the changeset to my private create/1 method, which can do whatever I want so long as it returns {:error, changeset} or {ok, %Post{}}

Wrapping Up

So why not just use after_filter/2 in my admin resource to generate the slug? In a lot of cases, that will probably be a good option, but in my case, I wanted to create the post and slug within a transaction so that I don't end up with posts that aren't actually reachable from the frontend.

Dave Long

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